Angela Stamp
Is this a crime scene?
Vital statistics
Alias Detective Angie
Gender Female
Age 23
Home Town Undella Town?
Class Ranger / Detective

Player character.


Angie was born in 1988. She grew up in Undella Town with her mother, Paris Stamp, and her three sisters. At a young age, she befriended her first pokemon, a Minccino named Darcy. In her teenage years, she attempted to join the army — but failed, and later wound up in Cerulean City as a young police officer. Her first case was simple: investigate a disobedient police officer from Cerulean City, and prove that they were guilty of insubordination. The officer in question, Jenny Blue, was found to be guilty due to incriminating evidence and taken to HQ for disciplining. Angela recieved a small pay raise, and was given more cases to handle.
Several weeks later, however, Angela found herself drawn back to the case-making evidence. Something about it didn't quite feel right, and she felt personally compelled to insure that justice had, in fact, been carried out. Using the discreet resources availiable to her, she traced Officer Jenny's deportation to Castelia City. Angela followed her trail there, but came up empty-handed — the police officer had all but disappeared. She vowed to keep an eye out and an ear open, and boarded the plane back to Saffron City to resume her detective work.

Current EventsEdit

Needless to say, she was forced to make both an emergency landing and several drastic recalculations in her life's plan. Impressed by the stalwart group of strangers she linked up with, Angela decided to tag along and lend her deductive skills to the cause. She currently is uncertain of whether or not she wants to return to Cerulean, but she has unofficially tendered her resignation to the CCPD and is not likely to sympathize with Kanto's government in the near future.


Angela is, at heart, a kind and compassionate person with a pronounced moral compass. She has has lived on both sides of the law, and understands that there are two sides to every story; even when that story involves crime. She became a detective purely to help people and to give back to the community — Angela is most comfortable around people. A natural situation-defuser, she will attempt to solve any conflict through negotiation and other non-violent measures before resorting to her combat training.
Unfortunately, as a result of her upbringing she is a bit of an airhead; intelligence is not one of Angie's virtues. Her misplaced faith in the system is also questionable — as she was raised in a privileged household, she often places too much trust in authority figures out of her idealistic desire to see them do good.


Angie's mother.
Angie's youngest sister. Called "Rose" for short.
Angie's younger sister. Called "Candy" for short.
Angie's eldest sister. Named "Myra" for short.


For more detailed descriptions, see Angela's Pokemon.

  • Darcy the shiny Minccino
  • Spirit the Rapidash
  • Pascal the Nosepass
  • Ridley the Nidorino
  • Lassie the Snorunt