Biggie Snorlaxxx
Jynxin' some bitches.
Vital statistics
Alias Christopher Wallace
Gender Male
Age 30
Home Town Celadon, Kanto
Class Unknown


Growing up on the tough streets of Celadon, Christopher Wallace was nicknamed "Biggie" because of his size before he turned ten. At age 12, Biggie was a well known Vileplume dealer on the streets and was known for his smart-ass attitude.At seventeen, Biggie dropped out of highschool and became further involved in crime.He was arrested numerous times for various charges including grand theft auto, weapons charges, and dealing shroomish.

Biggie began rapping when he was a teenager. He would entertain people on the streets with his rhymes. After being released from pokeprison, Wallace made a demo tape under the name Biggie Snorlaxxx, a reference to his childhood nickname and to his stature; he stood at 6' 3" and weighed 380 pounds.

Biggie released his first record, Celadon Sella'z to critical acclaim on September 16, 2000. His second record Ho'enn some Ho's was released in 2004 to be a a number one best seller. He followed up that sucess with his collaboration album in 2008 with Junior M.A.F.I.A., Diamonds n' Dialga, which was also well recieved in the hip hop community.

Biggie will be going on a world tour to promote his new album, Jynx'in Some Bitches, starting in Celadon City on February 17th.



  • Munchy G the Munchlax
  • Brolax the Snorlax
  • Drolax the Snorlax


"I bee-drillin' bitches"