Victor Arilou
I'm dead.
Vital statistics
Alias The Captain
Gender Male
Age 62 (deceased)
Home Town Vermilion City
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Capt. Arilou was born into a family of fishermen. He spent most of his life growing up on and around boats, learning how to drive them from a very young age. When he was two years old, he fell overboard while unattended on his father's fishing boat. Arilou was saved from drowning that day by a Squirtle that would become his lifelong friend and companion.

At age 18, Arilou joined the PokeNavy and fought in the Great Shadow war alongside Stripe, who had now grown into a Wartortle.


While he was not known for being an intelligent man, the Captian was known for his integrity and hard working spirit. The Captain was also growing less cognisant with his age, perhaps a sign of early onset Alzheimers. This caused him to frequently forget information, and not manage facts very well.


His wife, Olivia Arilou was also discovered deceased on January 23, 2012.


Stripe - Blastoise