After party ways with the rest of the gang, Charlotte and Humphrey made way to meet Professor Cozmo.

Talked about lives

arrived in town

went on tour, cleaned off Aggron

Met security guard (Ralph? Rusty)

Met Cozmo & gym leaders

Opened container, saw images of Artica and the aurora borealis, saw flashes of color, woke up in a hospital bed.

Warren comes in, informs Charlotte her fate is in his hands and that he can accuse her of terrorism ("You're not leaving here until I say so, and it's looking like you'll be here for a long time" -Fucking Creepy Agent Warren.) Charlotte finds out she's been exposed to a black "goo" that erupted out of the container and that she's being kept in quarentine.

As the agent leaves, Charlotte manages to use her telekinesis to slip his gun out from the holster, and after making a concerted effort to get out of bed, makes a clumsy attempt at threatening the next person to come into the hospital room. Takes doctor's clothes and key card, then slips out in the hallway and quickly finds Cozmo's room.

Unable to come into direct contact due to doctor in room, Charlotte checks in with Cozmo to telepathically. Leaves him, uses her telepathy to "ping" around the complex so she may keep track of where people are.

She picks something up in another room, and after outfoxing some of the doctors (there was some spagetti and creative truth telling) she found her way to the meteorite that had been in the case.