The episode began with the party returning to shore from the shadowy temple. In varying manners (floating, flying, etc) they descended from the island's centre towards the beach where they had made camp. Once there, several calls were made; as the C-Gears were no longer recieving interference, the party made sure to check in on their loved ones. Charlotte called Rayce and her parents, FM called Biggie, and Angie called the Coast Guard in an attempt to save the stranded Plasmas without forcing the party to deal with them directly. (The call did not go well.) 

Once all affairs were in order, the party disembarked via their pokemon of choice, setting their route towards Kanto. En route, Robin found a variety of delicious seafoods, FM/Charlotte battled/captured(?) a Carvahna, and Drake got in his much-needed workouts. They eventually landed at Hoenn, on a beach near Fortree City. Everyone except Robin was pretty hungry by this point, so most of the party headed towards the town in search of food. Bill stayed on the beach out of fear of being recognized and apprehended, and remained there—shivering—for hours.

Pretty much as soon as they landed, FM and Drake encountered a young boy named Micky. After some discourse, they discovered that Micky not only lived in Fortree, but had some shadowy family connections to the most happenin' restaurant/eatery in town: Burgerstop. Turns out, Micky's brother worked there, and might be able to get them some...well...not-strictly-legal fries, fo free. FM and Drake hopped at the chance to interface with Fortree's seedy underworld, and were soon at Burgerstop's back door pulling a sweet deal.

Charlotte and Angie, on the other hand, made a beeline for the Pokemon Center. Their pokemon were TIRED, and needed a rest. Once there, Charlotte got another quick call from Rayce, during which he assured her that he was starting to regain some of his disabled psychic powers and would soon be able to move to a wheelchair—needless to say, after days of being bedridden, he was excited to move about in a wheelchair.

The party soon converged on the city's motel