Professor Felina Ivy
Look at my boobs. Look at them.
Vital statistics
Alias Prof. Ivy
Gender Female
Age  ???
Home Town Viridian City, Kanto
Class Researcher - Professor

Professor Felina Ivy is the foremost expert on regional adaptations of Pokemon. She moved to Valencia Island in order to study the Tropical adaptations of Pokemon located there.


She attended college with Bill Boxley III, where they had an open relationship.

The party stayed at her laboratory on Valencia Island, Bill Boxley beliving that it would be a safe place to stay. Unfortunately for the party, Ivy had been taking money from Plasma for her research, and traded the party for additional grant money for a research expedition to Orre she had been working to finance. While the party was gone, Plasma arrived. In the ensuing battle, Rayce Frost impaled her with Icicle Crash, putting her into critcal condition. 

After they boarded the New Dawn, they found her in the infirmary of the ship in a near comatose state. Since the ship then sank, she is presumed dead.


She's a terrible person. Besides propositioning underaged characters for sex, many of the inhabitants of Valencia Island hinted at the fact that she may have slept with everyone on the island.


Bill Boxley III - They had an open relationship while in college. Bill was a freshman and she was a senior at the time. They met several times a week for approximately six months, then it ended abruptly. No onw knows why their relationship suddenly ended they way it did. They still meet up after scientific conventions and expos, for a long evening of questionable behavior.



Vileplume. Lots of Vileplume. For....medicinal purposes of course.


"If your looking for some real fun why don't you come upstairs for a bit..... I think that Bill is done, but i'm not quite satisfied yet....."