Gregory Rowan
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What even is that accent
Vital statistics
Alias Please, call me Greg!
Gender Male
Age 33
Home Town Fuschia City


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Greg was born and raised in Fuschia City. His family was very tight knit. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. His mother's father was a fisherman, his father's father helped found Safariland. His mother was a teacher, his father was a fisherman. Greg was on his way to the pokecenter with a freshly caught pokemon for his breeding stock when he tripped and hit his head. When he woke up in the hospital a beautiful young woman entered the room, she would later become his wife. Greg acheived some small acclaim as a breeder until the death of Tami. After his wife died bearing his child, Greg decided to become a medic. He moved to Saffron(?) City to study. Greg was not content when he finished his school so he starting researching new techniques to save lives. He became one of the foremost doctors in Kanto.


A little socially awkward and terse at times, Gregory isn't the most sociable. His odd accent and charming disposition help him seem less intimidating in times that his statue and medical attitude about things would probably inspire a sense of dread.


Proud father.
Proud papa.


  • Quigley the Ditto


"Please, call me Greg."

"Now let's get that brain drilled!"