Jack Harper
Vital statistics
Alias Baby Lugia
Gender Male
Age 1-3 est.
Home Town Whirlpool Islands, Johto
Class Legendary Pokemon

The last known Lugia in the world.


The baby Lugia to be known as Harper was first seen by Issac, when he entered the mind of the comatose Lugia in the secret laboratory under the The Boxley Estate. Mama Lugia told him that he baby was in danger, and unable to fend for itself. Showing him an image of a lighthouse that Felix Magnon was immediately able to recognize as being the Glitter Lighthouse in Olivine City, Johto.

Travelling to Olivine was an adventure in itself. After Mama Lugia was taken away by Plasma, the party decided to still go after the child. Arriving in Olivine a few days later, the party split up to search for the beast. Robin Fearow went to the docks, where she met the old fisherman who had claimed to have seen the Lugia just days before. He took her out to the spot, but they only found a white feather. 

Upon returning back to shore, Robin saw a  huge crowd of people on the beach. Robin quickly approached, and saw that in the center of the ring of people was the baby Lugia, playfully chasing a krabby. Being a pokemon ranger, and being INCREDIBLY LUCKY (arceus be damned) she managed to not only befriend, but make a companion of the small animal.

Robin named him Jack Harper, and he has been a party member ever since. Robin has been slowly teaching the baby how to hunt as well as speak. It's first word was "Swag," which it now repeats constantly.

Due to the dangers of having an illegal and incredibly wanted pokemon, Robin eventually convinced Harper to be caught in a special I.D. cracked pokeball made by Bill Boxley III


Lugia are incredibly rare pokemon. Legends tell that they were far more numerous in ancient times, some even worshipped as gods. They are known to live for an incredibly long time. Not much else is known about them.

In recent memory, there have only been three known Lugias: a mated pair and their son. 

The mother Lugia was believed to be descended from a long line of Lugias who protected the people of Johto in ancient times. The father Lugia was captured by Cipher, and turned into a shadow Lugia; acting as Ciphers last ditch effort to win the Great Shadow War. After he was corrupted, the mother Lugia rose up to help defeat it. The body of shadow Lugia crashed somewhere off the coast of Johto. Several attempts have been made over the years to recover it's body, but it has never been found. 

The baby Lugia is now owned by a questionably immoral 12 year old girl. Dear arceus.