A trio of NPC's from the small island region of Korea.

Hope, Faith, and Charity
Vital statistics
Alias KoreaTrio
Gender Female
Age 21
Home Town Korea
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Completely inseperable from birth, Koreatrio members Faith, Hope, and Chastity live and act as one unit. Koreatrio travelled from Korea to Kanto in order to pursue degree's in Poke-Biology at Viridian University. 

Current EventsEdit

The party met them on Valencia Island, where they were currently studying as Professor Ivy's interns. The first night that they met them, Drake Obsidian proceeded to sleep with all three of them.

While spared from the events of Ivy's betrayal, the party decided to leave Koreatrio behind at the laboratory. Unfortunately, a few days later, they recieved a call from the trio, informing them that they were in the process of being kidnapped. Their whereabouts were unknown until the party confiscated classified Plasma documents, stating that they were currently being held in a Plasma facility in Kanto.


Some would describe them as being more than a little annoying. They are definitely clingy, although they can't seem to remember which one is Drake and which one is Felix.


  • Professor Felina Ivy - They were her interns
  • Drake Obsidian - Unbeknownst to him, Drake is likely going to be the father of some of their children. 


  • None.