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Rayce Frost
He's got a nautical themed pashmida afghan.
Vital statistics
Alias Rayce
Gender Male
Age 20
Home Town  ???
Class Psychic/Rain Waker

Rayce is a mysterious white-haired psychic and part time Artican explorer. Closet Merman.


The little information that is known about Rayce's past has all come from Bill , told to FM after the events abord the New Dawn. 

Bill recalls first meeting a Rayce six years ago, while visiting his father, Bill Boxley Jr. for the holidays. Boxley Jr. told him that he was in a coalition against team Rocket with other prominent people in both Johto and Kanto, and that Rayce had been collected on one of those missions.

Rayce lived at the Boxley Estate in Cerulean City for three years before Boxley Jr's death in 2009. Boxley Jr. left his remaining Pokemon to Rayce in the will, as well as a substantial amount of money. This only infuriated Bill.

Rayce moved to Eterna City, Sinnoh after Boxley'Jr's death.

After Jonathan Silph's death on October 19th, 2011, Bill coerced Rayce to start doing some work for him. Using his father's will as leverage, Bill convinced Rayce to break into government archives and steal his grandfather's journal, which he claimed to have been stolen from him. 

After retrieving the journal, Bill sent Rayce on a mission to Artica to discover what his grandfather had found there over 100 years ago.


Rayce boarded the SS. Anne prior to Episode 1 in Canalave City. He was carrying with him a metal canister that he refused to let out of his sight. 


Rayce is very quiet, especially around strangers. It takes awhile for him to be able to trust anyone, and even longer for him to consider them as a friend. When you get him talking about something he is passionate about, such as Artica, he can ramble on about the subject for quite awhile. He really doesnt like to talk about himself, but would love to tell you all about what he's currently interested in.

Rayce often helps people out, or at least his best to. He helped Laz sew egg carriers, likes to help cook, let FM attempt to show him how to dance, and tried to help Bill find the keys to Ivy's handcuffs in his pants.

Rayce has shown an interest in photography, and took over 1500 pictures while on his trip to Artica. Although he has had no formal training and had never used a camera until fairly recently, he seems to have a natural eye for it. 

Rayce is also allegedly prone to violent outbursts, but this remains unconfirmed by the party.


Bill Boxley III Edit

  • While Rayce does not care much for Bill as a person, he still feels obligated to him. Before passing away, Bill Jr. had told him that he wanted them to grow to become friends, and this is something Rayce has felt obligated to uphold.  
  • Bill  had prevented Rayce from attending his father's funeral, both out fear that he would be a scandal, and out of spite. 


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