Most commonly refered to by the PC's as The (gayman)sion, The Boxley Estate is a mansion and lighthouse to the north of Cerulean city.

Featuring several guest bedrooms, a state of the art media center, and a shower that has not one, but two shower heads, the mansion is surely one of a kind.

It was featured on PMTV's Poke-Cribs in 2010.

The land has been owned by the Boxley family for over 100 years. It was settled by the Boxleys in the early 1800's, building and maintaining the lighthouse that remains on property today. The lighthouse has been heavily renovated since the creation of the underwater laboratory put in by Bill Boxley II in the late ninties. Bill Boxley III installed a rainbow lighting function on the lighthouse in 2009 after his father's death. There is much speculation in the press as to why Boxley would add such a function, but the truth remains elusive.