A beautiful island in the South West of the Orange Islands, Valencia Island is a small community of about 140


Valencia Island's location in the Orange Islands

year round inhabitants. The most well known feature of the island is that all of the pokemon that live there are known to display different color schemes and patterns, having adapted to the tropical environment.

Notable LocationsEdit

The LaboratoryEdit

Professor Felina Ivy opened up a lab on the North West part of the island several years ago to study the pokemon living there.

Dave's Surf ShackEdit

A small surf shop located right on the waterfront on Valencia. They sell surfing/swimming gear and equipment, as well as hamburgers and shakes. The owner of the Surf Shack, runs the famous surf contest every year as well as offers surfing lessons.

The Ship CrackerEdit

A lovely pirate/Kingler themed restraunt on the boardwalk on Valencia. The inside of this restaurant looks just like a pirate ship, and is even filled with pirate paraphenelia! The waiters are also dressed up like pirates, and look like they really want to be there.

Valencia InnEdit

A small inn run by an elderly woman. She's worried that the hotel construction on the waterfront will drive away her buisness. The Captain and his wife would stay here every summer when they would come to the island to vacation and surf.

The Blimp StationEdit

There is a blimp station on Valencia Island that has service to several nearby islands.